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Chastity Training

male chastity devices
male chastity device
stainless steel heart shaped lock

 Chastity training and key holding are two of My favorite ways to effectively control a submissive creature.  


 Chastity training is tailored toward each individual client but all training will include:  financial tribute, a chastity contract, expectations, tasks, rewards, and punishments.


 Chastity training can be carried out in person or even online for the curious one who wishes to remain anonymous or if one lives far away and cannot come in person.

Mistress Cat takes pleasure implementing orgasm denial and accountability through punishment while training Her sissies and male slave boys. 

Mistress Cat Supreme Keyholder
Mistress Cat Pro Domme

Punishments and rewards are useful tools in achieving compliance and a desired subservient nature from the male slave. The only way to control a submissive is by controlling their manhood.

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