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I am professional Dominatrix Mistress Cat of Houston, welcome to My Dungeon

Don't let the name fool you, I am no Kitty!


I am a captivating and sensual Goddess who will guide you on your journey into the exploration of BDSM in a discreet, trusting and safe environment.  I was seduced into the lifestyle seven years ago.  I was mesmerized by it and developed an intense desire to master the sub-disciplines that make up all that is BDSM.


I am a Mistress who embraces the beauty and authenticity of the counterculture of BDSM and the Total Power Exchange (TPE).

I am an elegant encapsulation of leather and lace, sensualism and sadism, intelligence and class.  I command respect and you will surrender to My wishes. 


There is NO higher honor than to serve Me. 






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