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Judicial Caning

A Judicial Caning is only offered to those who have experience with severe canings. I only offer this session to those whom I have seen before or those who are able to demonstrate that they have the knowledge and experience to safely endure this ordeal.  It is a non-erotic scenario during which you are sentenced, bound and caned in a strict, punitive fashion.


                                                           Here is how it is carried out:

  • You are sentenced to a mutually agreed-upon number of cane strokes. Realize that once the punishment begins, this number will not be altered. I will not increase the sentence, nor will I stop before this number is reached.


  • You will be required to sign a release form stating that you agree to receive the punishment as described and that you agree to the parameters set forth.

  • You are stripped naked and bound at the wrists and ankles in a bent-over position. This will be inescapable restraint.

  • A disinfectant scrub will be applied to your buttocks in case any breakage of the skin occurs.

  • The cane will be applied full force with no warm-up. The first stroke will be as severe as the last. The number of each stroke will be announced just prior to its delivery.  The intent will be to cause a tremendous amount of pain.

  • You will NOT be allowed a safe word. The sentence will be carried out to its completion despite any protests. Screaming, begging, pleading, etc. will not decrease the number of strokes, nor will it lessen their severity.

  • You can expect lasting marks and possibly some breakage of the skin as a result. You must be psychologically prepared for this.

  • Upon the completion of your punishment, you will be unbound, given some time to collect yourself, allowed to dress and dismissed.

I will not schedule a Judicial Caning via email or text alone. We must communicate verbally.  Once I am convinced that you are a suitable candidate, I will agree to schedule you.

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