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Ladies of the Lair

Mistress Catalina2.jpg
Mistress Catalina


I am a curvy, petite Spanish/Mexican  Domina with over ten years experience in the fetish and BDSM community in Houston, Texas. I have been a lifestyle Domme for over twenty years with real slaves and submissives. I am classy, reserved, and equally elegant with an authoritarian personality. I tend to amaze with My mischievousness and creative disciplinary techniques. I am especially adept at mind fucks and assessing your limits, wants and needs

Despite having a very dominant and authoritarian personality, My femininity remains flawless. I am a perceptive, wise, witty and charming Mistress. The scorn of My raised eyebrow and unique amber colored eyes will fill you with fear, while My mischievous laughter fills the room. I am a succubus tormentor that will feed off of your pain and humiliation. You will endure all because you will want to please Me.


Mistress Xyliena

I am a thick and voluptuous caramel Delight drizzled in honey. Luckily for you, I am a BDSM/Fetish Consultant who will enable you to realize your hidden fantasies. I am your personal fantasy realizer.   Obey Me and I will be pleased. When I am pleased, your fantasies will be realized. I so do enjoy stimulating activities with obiedient submissives. I am open minded and gentle enough for newbies, but stern and strict enough for experienced subs. I was born kinky and have been in the lifestyle from New York to Houston. 

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