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A maid's careful what you fantasize and wish for

This is the beginning of a weekly article written by My maid of three years. This is My maid's story.

His Governess had structured his adolescent years teaching him manners, etiquette and domestic skills. She was a strict disciplinarian and She taught young Oliver to obey almost instantly! He learned to respect and admire Women that became authority figures who dominated and controlled him. At first uncooperative, but in a short time he accepted and came to need the rules, schedules, and high expectations that the Women enforced.

The beautiful and luxurious residence which young Oliver grew up in was ornately furnished and kept immaculately clean. His guardian was his Aunt Florence. A young divorcee, who embraced the new feminist movement, the modern sexual revolution, and equal rights for Women. A professional career as an interior decorator kept her busy and traveling. Hence, the need for a governess for young Oliver.

Aunt Florence had a best friend who lived with her named charlotte. Charlotte was a nurse at a nearby Jr. High School. Another close friend, Miss Alicia, who lived close by and owned and operated a small beauty school and salon. Governess was given total control over young Oliver with instructions to teach him to obey, learn responsibility and perfect manners.

The Governess, Ms. Erica was experienced and quickly placed Oliver in a very structured lifestyle with schedules, rules, and etiquette, with duties and assignments. All were written down and expected to be followed. It was repetition, repetition, repetition that formed Oliver's work ethic and devotion to perfection!

Skillfully, Ms. Erica quickly bonded with Oliver by her very early supervision of the intimate details of his baths, toilet, dressing and conduct. Oliver learned he had no secrets from her. In a sense Governess had control of his body and actions. Her discipline was instant and painful using a cane to stimulate obedience and focus. Ms. Erica would give Oliver his first enema, an experience which formed his early fascination with the feeling of submission to beautiful dominant women.

Oliver learned the rewards of being a good boy and pleasing his Governess. He was fascinated by the feminine lifestyle all these women led and their close relationships with each other. Later in high school and college he would recall vivid memories from age 12-15 when his governess left. These memories would turn into fantasies that would stimulate masturbation habits.

He graduated from college with a mechanical engineering degree and began his career with a major corporation in the petro-chemical industry and moved to Texas. Now as an adult he wished to meet a woman that could appreciate his submissive feelings. He looked for a woman who understood his need to be used as a maid as a service. It never happened.

He eventually married and led a vanilla and normal married life, but each sexual experience still conjured up the submissive theme of his youth. He kept the fantasizing and wishing a close secret. For most of his adult life, he was a closet submissive. His youthful fantasies lay dormant.

He was diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer in his fifties. Major surgery and 55 radiation treatments successfully arrested the cancer. A post operative program of therapy to stimulate and revive nerves needed to allow erection and ejaculation was started. It was done in an outpatient clinic by a nurse trained to perform what was called "invasive digital massage" to his damaged, but hopefully remaining prostate. For two months, he went three times a week for treatments. Each treatment he was given an enema to clean out his anus and lower rectum. Then the nurse inserted her gloved and lubricated finger past his anus and reached up to gently massage to activate the prostate to stimulate an orgasm and semen flow.

The regimen was partially successful, in that he retained the feeling of desire for an erection and ejaculation, however he could not sustain an erection and please a female. The latent fantasy of being a submissive and attentive maid for a dominant and attractive woman was awakened.

He eventually answered a web notice for domestic service. He was ready to apply. After a telephone interview, he was directed to write up a resume, including a list of domestic skills and come for a personal interview.

Suddenly it happened! Approaching the address in an upscale neighborhood on a quiet oak tree lined street he was impressed. He walked past the large iron gates and She opened Her front door. He stepped into the large high celling entry and he immediately recognized and felt an aristocratic and regal aura.

Before him stood a gorgeous, smiling Woman in a silk dress of flowery design. Standing on very red stiletto high heel shoes. Who was this vision of loveliness? She had a title and certainly status. Her Highness, Countess of Claremont Manor. "you may address Me as Mistress Cat", She said. He immediately sensed his place and submissively answered, "i wish to serve as Your maid". Countess said, "please come in and W/we can begin the interview. I see you have brought your resumes and background information I requested".

He was fixed on being submissive and attentive but forced himself to quickly take in the vast and luxurious interior of the mansion. The high ceilings, the seemingly never ending run of mauve tile floor, the full length windows with exquisite red linen curtains with white interface gave the entry and adjoining living room a regal appearance. This very attractive and gracious Lady was certainly very particular and would be demanding. He was immediately motivated as he remembered living in such a grand residence as a young boy.

As the interview progressed, he could determine that Mistress Cat was an intelligent and experienced Mistress that knew precisely what She wanted. At the end of the interview, a butler and personal assistant seemed like a logical place for him to begin the probationary period. The end goal being a permanent member of Mistress Cat's domestic staff.

A physical examination would be required to complete the interview. Mistress Cat said, "We have a medical room and We can take care of that in house!" Naked and nervous, he was thoroughly examined. he realized he had no secrets from Who would become his Mistress and he, Her butler.

A special relationship , that he would thank his Aunt, his governess and all the female authority figures that had influenced and shaped his feelings and served as models for him in his formative youth! Now as an adult in a submissive relationship under dominant Mistress Cat, he would be quickly feminized and trained to be a sissy French maid.

Be careful what you wish for...….

coming next- The feminization and training of a new boy to be a sissy French maid for Mistress Cat. Earning the privilege to wear her uniform and learning manners and protocol to serve Mistress Cat!

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