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Ego and The Beast

Six years ago, I looked around and realized that things weren’t right. I was not living,  but dying. That I was stagnant.  I felt lost. I was sober but not growing or satisfied. Stale inside the status quo on every level imaginable. Dysfunction was everywhere and integrity was nowhere.

I embarked on a journey of self improvement and fairness for all. I changed little things about myself and I hungered for fulfillment. I was driven. I went back to college, started practicing everyday to change the things that I didn’t like in My life. It was scary and difficult at times, But I kept going. Slow and steady. I found some self worth and some confidence.

I also noticed that when I changed for the better, some people didn’t like that. When I changed the dynamic, I in turn changed the dysfunction in my life. And when you upset the standard way even if it is wrong, there are always a few who reject the better changes. It doesn’t even make sense but ego is as strong as the will to succeed. Change isn’t for the weak. It is for the strong. It is for people who are driven. So I won’t apologize for doing better. I won’t apologize for NOT being the piece of shit you want Me to be. I have changed only into a better version of what I was. So you criminalize Me so your ego isn’t bruised? That speaks volumes about your character, Not my own. It’s much easier to be a victim isn’t it? .

I don’t know why I was compelled to post this but there must be a reason. I don’t need to know it. ❤️

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