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When making initial contact with a Mistress, remember that first impressions are very important!  Based on the impression you make, you will immediately go into one of two categories: "prospective" or "ignore". Whether your initial contact is by email, text or phone, following these guidelines will help to keep you out of  My "ignore" file.


1. My preferred method of initial contact is e-mail.  I do allow phone calls and texts, but be mindful of the time of day.  If I do not answer your call or respond quickly to your text, send an email. Do not blow up My phone!


2. Address Me as Mistress or Ma'am.  This is but one way you will demonstrate the necessary attitude for Me to consider allowing you to serve Me.


3. Be direct and able to communicate your interests. Practice if You need to, but do not be vague.


4. Engage Me in intelligent, polite conversation rather than immediately asking for My rates.


5. Avoid opening with sleazy one-liners like "Hey Babe, what's up?" or "How much ya charge?"   NO.


6. Do not send Me pics of any kind.  I am not interested in what you look like- especially your anatomy.  Physical appearance is NOT the way to impress Me.


1.  If you schedule an appointment, keep it. I am in high demand and only book a small number of sessions each day.  I realize that life happens and that it is sometimes necessary to cancel an appointment.  If you must cancel, please communicate that ASAP.  With enough lead time, I can possibly fill that slot.

2.  Don't be early!  Privacy and discretion are of the utmost importance to all of us.  I take every precaution to make sure that you do not encounter other clients.  This is for your sake as well as theirs.  Be aware also that parking and loitering prior to your session is conspicuous and can draw unwanted attention. This is unacceptable and will not be tolerated.

3.  Don't be late.  If you are going to more that five minutes late, let Me know!  After fifteen minutes beyond your scheduled appointment time with no communication, I will consider you a no-show.

4.  Have your tribute inside an enveloped greeting card. Upon entrance to My dungeon, present it to Me and I will show you where to place it.  Do not make Me ask for it.

 5.  Use Manners!!!!!  Touching Me without permission or making unwelcomed advances will result in an immediate end to your session.


6.  Do not expect to have sex with Me. Professional Domination is not prostitution.   DO NOT INSULT ME BY  ASKING!


I make every attempt to be a flexible Mistress whenever possible.  Realize, however, that I am a very busy Woman both inside the dungeon and out, and may not always be able to accommodate your scheduling needs.


For faster consideration,  submit the "Assignment for Hopefuls" below.  I will be more likely to believe you are sincere and will give you higher priority if you have already done this.


I prefer to schedule sessions between the hours of 10:00AM and 8:00PM.  I will sometimes schedule earlier or later sessions with enough notice. 


I prefer at least 48 hours advance notice.  Next day appointments are sometimes available. Same-day appointments are rarely available but on occasion are possible.


When attempting to schedule an appointment, avoid phrases such as "I'm available anytime," or "evenings are good." Be specific. Indicate a day and a window of time when you would like to visit, or even two possibilities.

Please complete the assignment below to proceed with scheduling. 

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