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     My session menu is broken down into several nice, neat headings; but the reality is that every session is unique and often blends elements of the different genres.  The heading under which a session falls is just a starting point for its content. 


    Every session I orchestrate is an artistic creation designed to flow with the unique chemistry I share with each person.  BDSM is the arena of the mind.  The human psyche with all of its complexity is My medium.  The body and mind are My canvas.  Together we create art and there is no art without danger.

     I invite you to browse the different categories and decide where your interests lie.  Once you decide what type of fantasy you would like to become your reality, then communication is the key to a meaningful experience. 


     Think through what it is that makes you feel alive with anticipation then communicate that to Me and be direct.  You will not shock Me.  If you want Me to make every decision and leave nothing up to you, then say so.  However, if you are very specific about certain elements that trip your trigger, then describe them to me. It is your fantasy.  I will listen and will do my best to accommodate.  Just be aware that once the parameters are set, I am in charge and will always inject my own creative flair.

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